In these tumultuous times, we think it’s important to get a picture of our markets’, our stall holders’ (as well as would-be stall holders’) and our customers’ experiences over the last 12 months.

We’ve compiled three surveys to gather this information and we’re inviting you to contribute your responses.

Please help us by completing the survey yourself, then directing everyone you know who either trades or shops at a farmers market to our website to do the same.

Your participation is completely anonymous and we ask that you only complete one survey, once.

  • The survey for farmers markets is for any market within NSW and the ACT that identifies itself as a market that directly supports farmers.
  • The survey for stall holders is for any stall holder at a farmers market within NSW and the ACT and also for farmers and producers who would like to be or intend to be stall holders at a farmers market.
  • The survey for customers is for any customer who shops at any market they consider to be a farmers market.

Click the tile below that applies to you to complete the survey now.

We value and appreciate your contribution that will inform and help guide our efforts to support farmers and farmers markets in New South Wales.

The surveys will be open until the end of 2020.