Annual update of information on AFMA market directory now due

The Australian Farmers’ Markets Association is our national representative body. Founded in 2003, this volunteer-run organisation has been working to create a cohesive fellowship of farmers markets across Australia, committed to supporting farmers and local communities.

Through many years of research both here and overseas, AFMA has developed a set of model rules that advocate a set of best practice principles to help ensure farmers markets are fulfilling their primary purpose while building goodwill with their customers and the wider public.

AFMA has assisted (and continues to assist) countless communities establish farmers markets, contributing to the growth and development of many farming and value-adding businesses.

Its role as a representative body often gives farmers markets a voice with government and media, while providing a central point of information for market operators and shoppers with its comprehensive website.

AFMA does not ask for membership, but it does offer the opportunity for markets to show their support for AFMA’s work by requesting a $100 contribution each year when markets are prompted to check their listing on the national market finder and either confirm or update their information.

By now, all markets should have received a request to update their information and make the voluntary $100 contribution.

The Farmers Markets Alliance of NSW encourages all markets in New South Wales to return the website listing registration form before the end of October and also contribute the $100.

These funds will assist AFMA to continue developing resources for farmers markets and promote the principles of best practice for the benefit of all farmers markets in Australia.

You can download a copy of the letter from AFMA and the registration form to have your market listed on the national market finder or update your details. Send the completed form to AFMA (details on the form).

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